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It was in the year 667 that a great meeting was held between the leaders of the Wytchen and the Limorasi. After nearly two centuries of hostilities, an accord was met - the perpetuation of shamanism and the preservation of the demonic arts set above all else. In this, the Tzolkin forged a path which their forefathers would never have dared tread, renouncing the spirits that had once set them to their brethren's throats in a ritual of death and battle of fearless will. No more would these shamans be but pawns in the Netherworld's endless war.

When machinations of this ritual were heard, the Dryad and the Hanged Man rose to lend fuel to the fire of a mortal rebellion, sending whisperings to the ears of those who would listen that they could offer purpose and glory - the glory of demonic councils and cities awoken to the world through the guidance of blood. In those quiet tendrils of whisper, the Tzolkin arose to direct that life and will its true potential into a sole purpose: the perpetuation and power of their homeland.

Lending reverence to the Dryad and the Hanged Man, the Tzolkin exist to direct demonic spirits, holding their wards with honor while unleashing them upon Aetherius with malintent. To cross a shaman of the Tzolkin is to suffer the wrath of these spirits, with practicioners bringing curses, shamanism, and the very magicks of the earth through runelore, to swiftly and decisively direct the flow of blood - the flow of life.