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12.13 The Underworld

When the body is slain, its link to the spirit is broken. Thus severed, the
spirit loses its anchor in the physical world. Normally both body and spirit
would reside in the same place, albeit in different realms, but with the link
between body and spirit broken, the spirit is drawn to Underworld, which lies
within the spiritual realm.

The Underworld is a distortion of the spiritual realm, created by Thanatos
under the command of the Creator. From Underworld, our spirits await the repair
of our old bodies, or we find a way to leave ourselves. Over time, the spirit
forgets its past life and fades during its wait. Some say these spirits are
reborn as children, beginning a new life. Others say that Thanatos devours
these lost souls, adding to His power and glory.

The capital of the Underworld is Dis. Built in time immemorial by Thanatos, God
of Death, this ancient city is home to untold numbers of spirits of all shapes
and shades. It is here that the spirit minions of Thanatos bring the newly
departed souls, where they must make their escape, or risk eternity in the