The Wytch Profession - Imperian Online Help

The Wytch Profession

Armour: Scalemail. Leather limb armour.

Main Stat: Balance. Intelligence for damage output.

Balance Type: Balance.

Curses - This is the primary offense skillset of the Wytch in solo PvP. It allows for the Wytch to curse their opponent with a variety of afflictions. Further knowledge grants the ability to curse their foes quickly (Swiftcurse) albeit with a lower chance of triggering select synergistic effects, or to hide the effect of the curse (Blight). Curses are stopped by the curseward defence, and stripped with the breach skill.

Shamanism - An ancient art, shamanism allows the use of both necromantic bonedust and demonic marks. Bonedust, prepared earlier and colored with ink, allow the Wytch to inflict a select number of afflictions or choke their opponents to death. The marks are branded in a Greater and Lesser pair onto the flesh of your enemy and augments your curses with damage, afflictions or the simultaneous use of bonedust.

Runelore - This mixed bag of skills is used in three ways - as runes on the ground, on a totem, or on a tablet. As a wytch, you will primarily use this as a augment of your role in team fights, and when flaring on a tablet, you can severely hinder the healing of your enemy amongst other effects.

Combat focus - In a one-on-one, afflictions is your primary offensive, attempting to overwhelm your opponents healing and moving to a lock or building to a Marduk mark kill. There is a certain randomness to afflicting when combined with the Hecate mark, or you can choose to have more certainty with a combination of cursing and bonedust. In team fights, your maximal utility is situationally dependent. Pre-fight, you deny easy access to your room and vortex your enemies in. You could then spread temporary lockdowns with smart nairat flares, provide on-demand off-balance transfixes, or augment team damage output by healing denial on the main target.