The Wytch Profession - Imperian Online Help

9.4.20 The Wytch Profession

Armour: Scalemail. Leather limb armour.
Suggested Statpack: Clever
Main Stat: Balance. Intelligence for damage output.
Balance Type: Balance.

Curses - This is the primary offense skillset of the Wytch in solo PvP. It allows for the Wytch to curse their opponent with a variety of afflictions. Further knowledge grants the ability to curse their foes quickly (Swiftcurse) albeit with a lower chance of triggering select synergistic effects, or to hide the effect of the curse (Blight). Curses are stopped by the curseward defence, and stripped with the breach skill.

Shamanism - An ancient art, shamanism allows the use of both necromantic bonedust and demonic marks. Bonedust, prepared earlier and colored with ink, allow the Wytch to inflict a select number of afflictions or choke their opponents to death. The marks are branded in a Greater and Lesser pair onto the flesh of your enemy and augments your curses with damage, afflictions or the simultaneous use of bonedust.

Runelore - This mixed bag of skills is used in three ways - as runes on the ground, on a totem, or on a tablet. As a wytch, you will primarily use this as a augment of your role in team fights, and when flaring on a tablet, you can severely hinder the healing of your enemy amongst other effects.

Combat focus - In a one-on-one, afflictions is your primary offensive, attempting to overwhelm your opponents healing and moving to a lock or building to a Marduk mark kill. There is a certain randomness to afflicting when combined with the Hecate mark, or you can choose to have more certainty with a combination of cursing and bonedust. In team fights, your maximal utility is situationally dependent. Pre-fight, you deny easy access to your room and vortex your enemies in. You could then spread temporary lockdowns with smart nairat flares, provide on-demand off-balance transfixes, or augment team damage output by healing denial on the main target. 

Artifacts made for this profession:
- A Stone Totem: 350 credits
  - Totems with eight slots.

- Shamanic Gloves: 600 credits
 - While worn, these gloves increase the power of Wytch curses
   and Shamanism Marks by behaving as if your target was affected
   by one extra curse.
 - This increases damage caused by burning Marks, allows Marks
   to automatically ignite sooner and last longer once burning,
   as well as reduces the time needed to activate the Mark of Marduk.

- A polished bone hammer: 200 credits
 - Having this hammer in the inventory doubles the amount of bone
   dust gained by the Wytch when crushing bones.

- A rainbow-colored sieve: 250 credits
 - Carrying this multi-colored sieve allows a Wytch to colorize
   bone dust without needing inks.
 - Additionally, colorizing bone dust takes no balance!