Timezones - Imperian Online Help

19.15.1 Timezones

As Imperian has players from all over the world, they do, of course,    
have a variety of different timezones. Therefore, we have created a     
command that will allow you to set your local timezone by inputting your
'offset' from GMT, which is what the game runs on. For example, people  
on the East Coast of the United States are -5.                          

To use this, simply CONFIG TIMEZONE <offset>, and then on your local    
time will show when you type TIME. Also, you can TIME <player> to look  
at what time it is for them, assuming they have configured your         
timezone. Of course, this cannot compensate for daylight savings, so you
will need to do that manually.                                          

To find out your current timezone, go to:


You will find the correct offset in the first column, though you may    
need to account for Daylight Savings.