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4.14.12 THE XIUR

The xiur are a race of giant rock-like men. While they are not          
physically made of rock, their skins are like hard granite plates. They 
are very well known for their physical size and strength.               

Originally the xiur are from the Great Mountains of Gongen. They, along with those that became the ryadai, were miners that fought over the territory of the mountain. When the Rays of Moradeim shone upon the mountain it shifted them, separating them even more than they already were. A war raged on, leaving the xiur to take control of the Great Mountain and mines, forcing the ryadai into extinction.                                      

It is important to note that the xiur hold great hostility towards      
Kinsarmar, who they believe aided the ryadai during the wars. As such,  
they refuse to join the city of Kinsarmar or any guild associated with