YOUR CHARACTER - Imperian Online Help


   4.1   Score            Look at information about your character generally.
   4.2   Status           Find out additional information about your character.
   4.3   Defences         See a list of defences currently affecting you.
   4.4   Learning         Learning your skills.
   4.5   Teaching         Teaching skills to others.
   4.6   Alignment        Good vs. Evil.
   4.7   Equilibrium      Mental equilibrium and physical balance.
   4.8   Lessongain       How to gain more lessons to learn with.
   4.9   Titles           How to get a prefix or suffix added to your name.
   4.10  Marriage         Here comes the bride.
   4.12  Yourdescription  Personalizing your description.
   4.13  Prompt           Changing your prompt to display more information.
   4.14  Races            The mortal races of Imperian.
   4.15  Language         The languages that exist in Imperian.
   4.16  Skills           The skill sets that you have.
    4.16.1  Miniskills    The difference between skills and miniskills. 
    4.16.2  Skillranks    A list of skillranks in Imperian.
   4.17  Honours          View publically available information about another.
   4.18  History          Compose a background and ongoing personal history.
   4.19  Namechange       The rules for changing your character's name.
   4.20  Exploration      Learn about the Fellowship of Explorers.
   4.21  Stats            Understanding and changing character statistics.
   4.22  Names            Good names in Imperian.
   4.23  Reserves         Need a refill?
   4.24  Relearning       Relearn your skills after changing professions.
   4.25  Forget Skill     Forget a skillset you have previously learned.