OVERHAUL NOTE: We are presently undergoing a complete combat overhaul and as such, some of the information here may not be fully up-to-date. Please see HELP OVERHAUL and the Overhaul newsboard for more up-to-date information. The AFFS LIST, AFFS INFO <affliction>, CURES LIST, and CURES INFO <cure> commands should all be up-to-date.

Healing is an art in and of itself. Note that some purgatives heal similar 
ailments as herbs.

For those afflictions not listed here, see AFFS LIST, AFFS INFO <affliction>, CURES LIST, and CURES INFO <cure>.

HERB          (action)  ailments
ARNICA:       (apply)   broken chest, broken nose, crushed foot, crushed
                        windpipe, fractured arms, broken skull, snapped
                        [Healing Category: Fractures]
CALAMUS:      (eat)     slickness
                        [Healing Category: Glandular]
CHERVIL:      (eat)     clots blood
                        [Healing Category: Blood Clots]
COLTSFOOT:    (smoke)   anorexia, impatience, insomnia, void
                        [Healing Category: Neurosis (mental)]
EARWORT:      (eat)     deafness (Special: earwort cures deafness if you have
                        it, otherwise it gives truehearing)
                        [Healing Category: Hearing Sensory System (ears)]
FAELEAF:      (smoke)   cloudcoils, aura of rebounding (Special: faeleaf cures 
                        cloudcoils if you have any, otherwise it raises an aura
                        of rebounding)
FAELEAF:      (eat)     blindness, sixth sense (Special: faeleaf cures blindness
                        if you have it, otherwise it gives sixth
                        [Healing Category: Sight Sensory Sense (eyes)]
HOREHOUND:    (eat)     bedevil, egovice, timewarp
                        [Healing Category: Curses (spiritual)]
KAFE:         (eat)     special: Kafe gives alertness
                        [Healing Category: Sleep Disorders]
KOMBU:        (eat)     deadened
                        [Healing Category: Brain Disorders]
MARJORAM:     (eat)     dislocated arms/legs, gashed cheek, mangled tongue,
                        punctured chest, rigormortis, severed ears, sliced
                        open biceps/chest/gut/thighs, weakness, pinched nerve
                        [Healing Category: Muscular System]
MERBLOOM:     (eat)     gives insomnia
MYRTLE:       (eat)     blindness, deafness, concussion
MYRTLE:       (smoke)   crushed windpipe, hemiplegy, pierced limbs
                        (arms/legs), severphrenic
                        [Healing Category: Nervous System]
PENNYROYAL:   (eat)     scrambled brain, temporary insanity, void
                        [Healing Category: Psychoses (mental)]
REISHI:       (eat)     aurawarp, justice, punctured aura, succumb, jinx
                        [Healing Category: Auric Disorders (spiritual)]
SPARKLEBERRY: (eat)     burst vessels, restores health, mana and ego
YARROW:       (eat)     cut arteries (arms/legs),
                        haemophilia, hip clotting, lacerated arms/legs,
                        malignant blood clots, relapsing, shoulder clotting
                        sliced open forehead
                        [Healing Category: Circulatory System]

CHOLERIC:     (drink)   dysentery, hypersomnia, love potion, vomiting,
                        vomiting blood, worms
MELANCHOLIC:  (apply)   (to chest) asthma, black lung, punctured lung,
                        shortness of breath, trembling
PHLEGMATIC:   (drink)   aeon curse, weakness, void
SANGUINE:     (drink)   furrowed brow, haemophelia, scalping

ANTIDOTE:     (drink)   cures certain extremely toxic poisons
                        (crotamine and escozul)
BROMIDE:      (drink)   restores ego
LINIMENT:     (apply)   pox, scabies, sunallergy, 1st-4th degree burns
FIRE:         (drink)   chills, frozen, cold resistance (Special: fire cures
                        chills if you have it, otherwise it also gives cold
FROST:        (drink)   burning, fire resistance (Special: frost cures burning
                        if you have it, otherwise it also gives fire resistance)
HEALING:      (drink)   restores health, cures 1 burst vessel / sip
HEALING:      (apply)   heals deep wounds, numbed bodyparts, blindness
LOVE:         (drink)   any disloyalty (Warning: possible side effects if you
                        are not under a disloyalty ailment)
MANA:         (drink)   restores mana
MENDING:      (apply)   broken arms/jaw/legs/wrists, twisted arms/legs, slit
                        throat, broken skull
REGENERATION: (apply)   (to arms) amputated arms, cracked elbows, mangled
                        arms, collapsed nerves
                        (to chest) chest pain, collapsed lung, crushed chest
                        (to gut) burst organs, ruptured stomach, severed spine,
                        (to head) concussion, partially damaged head, pecked
                        eyes, shattered jaw
                        (to legs) amputated legs, cracked kneecaps, mangled
                        legs, severed tendons, shattered ankles

SCRUB:                  deathmark (level 2+), ectoplasm, mud, sap, stench
COMPOSE:                fear
CONCENTRATE:            no equilibrium
FOCUS*        (body)    locked legs, locked throat, paralysed
              (mind)    addiction, anorexia, confusion, epilepsy, fear, 
                        impatience, paranoia, reckless, stupidity, weakness,   
                        timewarp, temporary insanity, void
             (spirit)   darkmoon (targeted), infidel aura, heretic aura, omen,
                        treebane, faeriefire, sickening, punctured aura,
                        manabarbs, egovice, powerspikes
WAKE:                   asleep
WRITHE:                 crucified, entangled, grappled, impaled, pinned leg,
                        ropes, shackled, transfixed, trussed, vined

NOTE: Focus abilities only become available after lessons have been spent in 
the Discipline common skill.