AFK - Lusternia Online Help

15.10 AFK

Lusternia has a simple, easy-to-understand policy on being AFK: It's not
allowed. AFK, which stands for Away From Keyboard also includes, to us, a
player who may be at his or her keyboard, but who isn't doing anything, or
a player who is at his keyboard, but just has an auto-response (also called
a trigger) entering commands for himself regularly.

Depending on how we view the situation, you may receive none, one, or multiple
warnings before being punished for being afk. Punishments might include
zapping, removal of lessons, and, in extreme cases, deletion.

In some cases, if you lose or cut your connection to Lusternia, your character
might stay on-line. Due to the vagaries of the internet, there is no way for
Lusternia to always know that your internet connection is no longer up and
going. This is, however, not a valid excuse, as the existence of the TIMEOUT
command can prevent this from _ever_ happening to you.