ARMOUR AND SHIELDS - Lusternia Online Help


Normal armour is something you wear that protects you from both types of physical damage (cutting and blunt). 

To see the status of your armour, type ARMSTAT. If your armour is damaged, you will need to find a blacksmith to repair it for you.

The basic types of armour in Lusternia, aside from shields, are, in ascending order of effectiveness, with the best armour an archetype may wear listed:

Armour type         Archetypes which may wear them
-----------         ------------------------------
Leather             Wiccan, Druid, Bard
Chainmail           Guardian
Great Robes and     Any
* Splendor Robes    Tailors
Field plate and
Full plate          Warriors

* Great Robes are unique in that they may be worn by any class and proofed against certain attacks.

* Splendor Robes may only be worn by those who take the Tailoring Tradeskill, and make it for themselves. They also allow for more proofing.

Armour Statistics
Non-magical armour and shields have two armour-specific statistics: protection vs. cutting damage and protection vs. blunt damage. The WEAPONPROBE ability in the Combat skill will allow you to see these statistics on a piece of armour or on a shield.

When being struck by a weapon on a specific body part, armour will only protect you if it is worn over that part. For example, wearing chainmail leggings will protect you from a knight striking your legs with a scimitar, but it will not help you if he strikes your head. For that you would need a helmet or armour coif.

Note: Great Shields can only be wielded proficiently by the warrior archetype. Any other archetype wielding a Great Shield will only benefit from 60% of its maximum protection.