BUGS, IDEAS, AND TYPOS - Lusternia Online Help


Inevitably, there will be times when you'll want to speak to the Creators (the
administration), in order to 
- report a bug (an error in the game),  (command: BUG)
- report a typo in the game,            (command: TYPO, TYPOHERE)
- to ask a specific question,           (command: ISSUE)
- or to give them an idea for the game. (command: IDEA)

For -bugs-, the command is BUG <your bug report here>. Please give as much
detail as possible. Tell us when, and how it happened. Tell us what happened
before. Tell us if anything changed recently. The more detail you give, the
better chance we have of finding and fixing your problem.

For -typos-, the command is TYPO (or TYPOHERE) <the typo you have seen>. This
can be anything where there is a misspelling or misused word. We really do want
to hear about this sort of thing, so don't be shy! If the error is in a room
name or title or something else about a room, use TYPOHERE <typo> or even TYPO
HERE <typo> (both will work). That way, the typo report will include something
about where you were when you submitted the typo report.

You can see all of your active bugs with LISTBUGS. To see a full list of
commands relating to your active bugs, including ways to add more detail and
delete bugs, simply type BUG.

For -questions-, try contacting your guild, city, or order patron. If you don't
know how to do this, or don't have any of those, try using ISSUE ME. See HELP
ISSUES for more details.

For -ideas-, the command is IDEA <your idea here>. Submit your idea, in as
great a detail as you wish, and then wait. Who knows? You may see your idea
affect the game. Many have.

When submitting ideas, please put in front of it, whether this is a skill idea,
an organisation idea, a clan idea, etc... Just a short statement to better aid
us in sorting them out.