CHARACTER STATISTICS - Lusternia Online Help


(See also HELP STATUS)

Adventurers in Lusternia have six stats (or statistics):

Str - Strength     - relates to the physical damage you can deal out, by a
                     large degree for warriors and a small degree for monks
Dex - Dexterity    - relates to your ability to avoid getting hit in combat
                     and, for warriors, gives a slight boost to wounding.
                     For monks, it affects physical damage to a large degree
Con - Constitution - relates to your maximum health
Int - Intelligence - affects your maximum mana and magical damage
Chr - Charisma     - affects your maximum ego and influence speed
Siz - Size         - reflects to how large/small you are, affects some 

(Each of these stats may affect other things besides what is listed.)

To see your current stats, just type STAT. See HELP STATUS for more 

These stats do not change when you rise in age, experience, or level,
except for Humans, whose stats evolve as they gain levels.

Other things may affect your stats, though. A God may look upon you with
Favour, or Disfavour. You may acquire a powerful item, or even an artifact.
Someone may use their powers to alter your stats directly for a time.
However, effects to your stats are always weighted points, and so the
higher any statistic has been raised, the harder it will be to raise it
further. See HELP BUFFS for details about this weight system.