COMBAT ARTIFACTS - Lusternia Online Help



Please note that runes must be attached to a piece of jewellery in order to 
provide the intended effect. As long as an item remains runed, it will no 
longer decay, and multiple runes may be attached to the same object.
There is a 10 rune limit per item (i.e., no item may hold more than 10 runes.)

Critical Hit Runes:
   - These runes allow you to get extra critical hits when bashing.
     Level 50 persons get critical hits about 1.6% of the time; at level
     65 this rises to 6.4%, and at level 80 it rises to 16.6%.
   - This bonus includes aethership bashing.

   Rune of Lucky Strike        :  200 credits - An extra 2/100 criticals
   Rune of Prodigious Prowess  :  600 credits - An extra 4/100 criticals
   Rune of Knight's Excellence : 1200 credits - An extra 6/100 criticals

Life Runes (increase max health, mana & ego. Only one works at a time.)
   Great Rune of Surging Life:            350  credits (increases by  5%)
   Great Rune of the Effervescent Heart:  700  credits (increases by 10%)
   Great Rune of the Divine Spirit:      1400 credits  (increases by 15%)

Magic Enhancement Runes:
   - These increase damage done to opponents from abilities that are
     magical. For instance, these increase the damage of a spell that
     causes cold damage, since the spell is magical in nature.

   Great Rune of Mystic Might       :   400 credits (+10% damage)
   Great Rune of Arcane Force       :   800 credits (+15% damage)
   Great Rune of Esoteric Authority :  1600 credits (+20% damage)

Regeneration Runes
   - These runes provide the equivalent of level 1 and level 2 racial
     regeneration advantages. They are cumulative with racial advantages,
     or any other regeneration ability.* Total regeneration may never
     exceed level 3.

     Rune of Vitality          Level 1 Health Regen:  300 credits
     Rune of Vigor             Level 2 Health Regen:  850 credits
     Rune of Meditation        Level 1 Mana Regen:    300 credits
     Rune of Clarity           Level 2 Mana Regen:    850 credits
     Rune of Charming Manners  Level 1 Ego Regen:     300 credits
     Rune of Divine Magnetism  Level 2 Ego Regen:     850 credits

     *NOTE ON REGENERATION: Regeneration abilities include totem spirits
      like moon, tree and river bonds, stag form, moon drawdown,
      sacraments honor, athletics regeneration, lich form. It does _not_
      include regeneration by items enchanted by Mercy, Perfection, and

Great Rune of Absorption: 500 credits
  - Imbues you with a 15% chance of absorbing all physical damage.
  - Only one will ever be effective per person (i.e., does not stack).

Lesser Rune of Demesnes: 100 credits
   - Doubles demesne size to 20 and time before effects go away by 50%. 
   - Only one will ever be effective per person (i.e., does not stack).

Great Rune of Demesnes: 200 credits
   - Triples demesne size to 30 and time before effects go away by 50%. 
   - Only one will ever be effective per person (i.e., does not stack).
   - Upgradeable from the Lesser Rune (but does not stack with lesser rune).

Great Rune of Dominion: 250 credits
  - Increases maximum ally/enemy list size +20
  - Runes of Dominion do not stack

Great Rune of Iron Will: 300 credits
   - Increased regeneration of willpower.

Great Rune of Bodily Fortitude: 200 credits
   - Increased regeneration of endurance.

Great Rune of Mind Shielding: 200 credits
  - Halves the ego burnout time! 
  - Halves the debate shattered time!
  - Only one will ever be effective per person (i.e., does not stack).

Great Rune of Enchanted Focus: 150 credits
  - Makes focus enchantment never run out.

Great Rune of Resumption: 775 credits
  - Doubles the length of stun and blackout immunity.


Great Rune of the Tobacconist: 50 credits
   - Pipes always stay lit.
   - Adds 10 puffs per herb.
   - Can be smoked underwater.
   - Pipes will never decay.

Bar of Golden Soap: 250 credits
   - SCRUB quickly using balance.

Fan of Storms: 250 credits
   - Create gusts of wind to blow away noxious clouds and fog.
   - To use, WHIRL FAN.

Golden Monocle: 450 credits
   - Diagnose another quickly
   - See all defences on another
   - MONOCLE verb for commands.

Shadow Shroud: 500 credits
   - Gives the shroud ability when worn.

Silver Spiderweb: 250 credits
   - Cover a target in binding webs.
   - To use, POINT SPIDERWEB AT <target>
   - Note: You must RUB your spiderweb initially to activate it.