A Sleeper of the Third Circle, Hoaracle, the Forest Dreamer was known for his deep meditations within the forests of the First World. He contemplated the nature of the universe and the subtle interplay between organisms both great and small. What He noticed was that there was an interconnectivity between everything within creation - starting from the primordial soil of Dynara to the Elder Gods, the Great Spirits, and the animals and plants that breed and grow. It was Him who was chosen, alongside Jadice of the Ice Plains and Mysrai of the Mysterium, to investigate and decide on the fate of the Twelve Traitors. 

When the exodus of the Elders began, Hoaracle refused to leave the bountiful First World to which He was so connected. The forest in which He planted Himself was attacked by a hungry Soulless God; however, before He perished, He was able to seed his essence and memories throughout creation, circumventing death altogether. With the help of Serenwilde centuries later, Hoaracle was revived through a tiny acorn first plucked by Chuchip and passed down by the druids living within the Tar Pit Wastes. 

Possessed of a deep appreciation for creation, Hoaracle is known to philosophise about the order and nature of the universe. Despite having a specific understanding of reality, He understands and values unconventional thinking and even contradictory opinions as nature, and therefore creation, does not fit within categories or binaries. Hoaracle emphasises that the truth to the universe is found through the state of becoming one with creative forces of the cosmos. 

His symbol is a golden acorn surrounded by emerald roots.