NEXUS CLIENT NOTES - Lusternia Online Help


On the bottom left of the java console, there are six horizontal status bars. 
These are:
   First     (Blue) bar - Progress through your current level
   Second     (Red) bar - Health
   Third     (Blue) bar - Mana
   Fourth  (Yellow) bar - Endurance
   Fifth   (Purple) bar - Willpower
   Sixth    (Green) bar - Ego

To the left of these, there is a seventh vertical bar. This indicates your 
immediate power reserves.

On the bottom right of the console, there are three icons.
   The Green Bar indicates your connection speed.
   The Gun can be clicked on or off to turn your triggers on or off.
   The Computer can be clicked on or off to turn script evaluation on or off.

On the top left of your console, there is a compass with arrows pointing off 
it. If these arrows are lit, they can be clicked on as an alternative means of 
moving around in the direction clicked. Beside these are arrows to move you up 
or down, and to move you in or out. Above is the vote button, which will 
direct you to the Topmudsites voting page (see HELP VOTING).

Below the compass and direction buttons, there is a button with a picture of a 
cog on it. This opens the options window.

Below that, there is a button with a picture of a keyboard key. Clicking on 
that opens the reflex window.

Finally, there is a button on the top right of the console which will detach 
the console from its window. This then enables resizing.

More information on this is available at: