SECOND CHARACTERS - Lusternia Online Help


Second characters (and beyond) in Lusternia are allowed, but a higher standard for roleplaying will generally be imposed upon those who play multiple characters. Furthermore, using one for the purpose of helping the other is not allowed.

There is no limit to the number of characters you may create and play in
Lusternia as long as you observe these two rules:

 1) only one character at a time in the realms (see HELP MULTIPLAYING)
 2) no character may ever help any other character in ANY WAY.

Example: this means that you can't create a character, gather a bit of gold
and/or equipment, then drop it all, leave the realms, and bring in another
character to pick up the loot.

IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TWO ACTIVE SECONDS IN THE SAME CITY OR COMMUNE. The temptation is too great to blur the RP lines between seconds in the same organization, as it becomes too easy to enter into the same families or join the same clans, even voting in lockstep with each other, etc. The bottom line is that seconds must be kept completely separate from each other.

The usual punishment for this is quite severe - loss of one or both characters
through permanent shrubbing or erasure being quite common.