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Though a warrior of the Second Circle, Shikari was mistrusted by the other Elder Gods for His brooding, reclusive nature and extreme behaviour. Before the war against the Soulless, the Second Circle ventured in groups into the Void to hunt the half-formed, but Shikari hunted alone, and often. Rumours spread amongst the other gods that He showed no mercy to His prey, preferring to deliver torturous kills and slow, agonizing deaths. The only one of His peers who trusted Him was His younger sister, Viravain, and Their close relationship was often the subject of others' befuddlement.

In modern times, Shikari has aligned with Glomdoring largely due to His sister's presence within the commune, but otherwise, He has little interest in mortal affairs beyond battle and slaughter. He recognizes a warrior's strength and intellect, respects those with courage and skill, and scoffs at morals and mercy. No life is worth living if it cannot be defended, and no hunter is worthy of reaping rewards if he questions his kills.

His symbol is a black leopard in mid-leap.