THE ELFEN RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder Goddess Elfenehoala, the elfen race have always 
had a close affinity to the forests.  They consider themselves the 
saviors of Lusternia as they were who first discovered the ailing Fae, 
spirits of nature, and healed them and likewise the forests. They are a 
lithe, beautiful people, with delicate pointed ears and almond-shaped 
eyes. Their skin tone ranges from alabaster white to some varying hues of 
green. Though most Elfen still prefer forest communes, there are those 
who have been drawn to city life. 

Strength    : 11     Dexterity   : 14     Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 15     Charisma    : 15     Size        : 11

  o  Have a racial language, Elfen. 
  o  Regenerate health and mana while in forest environments, Level 1. 
  o  Faster herb balance, level 1.
  o  Resistance to psychic damage, level 1.
  o  Special for Moon and Stag Totem: Upon gaining the Wicca Moon 
     specialisation or Druidry Stag specialization, an elfen becomes a 
     High Elfen with statistics changing by -1 strength, -2 dexterity and 
     +2 intelligence and +1 charisma. Elfen who choose the mystic warrior 
     path in the commune of Serenwilde, upon gaining the specialisation,
     become an Elfen Lord with statistics changing by -2 intelligence,
     -3 charisma, +4 strength, +3 constitution, +2 dexterity and +2 size.
  o  Special for Wildarrane Users Only: Upon gaining the Wildarrane 
     specialization in Music, an elfen becomes a Wild Elfen with statistics
     changing by -1 strength, -1 size, +1 intelligence, +1 charisma.