THE FAELING RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Faelings are not descended from an Elder God. Rather, they are the cross 
between an elfen and a creature of the fae. Faelings are almost always 
raised in elfen communes, and are given special status by wiccans. 
Physically, they look like extremely diminutive elfen, even smaller than 
the furrikin, and they all have elaborate butterfly-like wings enabling 
them to fly. While not very strong, they make up for that in speed and 

Ever since the undead elfen Rowena Nightshade tricked Laeroc, Consort of 
the Queen of the Fae into fathering her child, faelings who take the path 
of the wyrden Great Nature Spirits of Night or Crow transform into shadow 
faelings, a curious breed of faeling, larger than others of their kind, 
with a dark complexion that seems to churn with shadows, more bat-like 
wings, and eyes that glow with a somber red fire. 

Strength    :  7     Dexterity   : 18     Constitution:  9
Intelligence: 15     Charisma    : 16     Size        :  4

  o  Shares Elfen racial language. 
  o  Can FLY. 
  o  Regenerate health and mana while in forest environments, Level 2. 
  o  Recover balance more quickly, level 2.
  o  Heal faster from elixirs, level 3.
  o  Faster herb balance, level 1. 
  o  Special for Night and Crow Totem: Upon gaining the Wicca Night
     specialisation or Druidry Crow specialisation, a faeling becomes a 
     Shadowcaster Faeling with statistics changing by +1 constitution, 
     +1 intelligence, -3 dexterity  and +1 size. Faelings who choose the 
     warrior path, upon gaining the specialisation become a Shadowlord 
     Faeling with statistics changing by -3 intelligence, -3 charisma, 
     +3 strength, +2 constitution and +2 size.
  o  Special for Shadowbeat Users Only: Upon gaining the Shadowbeat 
     specialization in Music, a faeling becomes a Shadowsinger Faeling with
     statistics changing by -1 strength, -1 size, +1 intelligence, +1 charisma.