THE FURRIKIN RACE - Lusternia Online Help


The Elder God Bollikin was the first Elder God to fragment his being, 
popularly believed because his gentle nature could not abide the 
impending Elder Wars. As the first Elder God to splinter, Bollikin did 
not achieve the uniformity of race reflected by other races. Legend has 
it that Bollikin was so endeared to all the smaller creatures that he 
could not concentrate on a chosen form at the time of fragmentation. 
Subsequently, the furrikin race have an unusually wide range of forms, 
some bearing a striking resemblance to rabbits or foxes or dogs or even 
small bears (looking like miniature tae'dae). Whatever their form, 
furrikins are generally quite diminutive and nimble. Furrikin are 
considered a passive race, though they have been known to bristle their 
hair when being derogatively referred to as "furballs". {Editor's Note: 
We wish to apologise to any furrikin who took offense to the "bristling 
hair" remark. The author has been properly chastised.} 

Strength    :  9     Dexterity   : 17     Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 14     Charisma    : 14     Size        :  6

  o  Has a racial language, furrikini. 
  o  Can ROLL under obstacles. 
  o  Recover balance more quickly, level 1.
  o  Recover equilibrium more quickly, level 1.
  o  Faster herb balance, level 1.
  o  Resistance to magic, level 3.
  o  Resistance to cold, level 1.

  o  Are more susceptible to fire, level 1.