THE INFLUENCE SKILL (Common) - Lusternia Online Help


The skill of Influence is a non-lethal form of interaction with the 
sentient denizens of Lusternia (non-player characters). Rather than 
slaughtering such denizens for such base reasons as gaining experience, 
you may instead enter into ego battles that are not considered as hostile 
(i.e., won't get you enemied). Influencing a denizen is an engagement in 
forces of personality to try to temporarily change that denizen's 
behavior. Losing an ego battle will result in a loss of experience similar 
to that of losing a battle in combat, whereas winning an ego battle will 
result in gaining experience similar to winning a battle in combat. 

There are five general types of ego battles: (1) Seduction, which will 
charm the denizen and cause him or her to attack your enemies; (2) 
Empower, which will raise the denizen's level; (3) Weaken, which will 
lower the denizen's level; (4) Charity, which will cause the denizen to 
give you gold or an item (if available); (5) Paranoia, which will cause 
the denizen to succumb to paranoid behavior and not act in a normal 
manner. There is a sixth form of ego battle that is not dependent on your 
skill in influence, but rather your rank in a city or commune, and can 
only be used on denizens of villages during the window of time when 
that village is 'in play' and not under any sphere of influence. 

Once the type of ego battle has been started, the denizen will become 
fixated upon it and only ego attacks of the same type will be recognized. 
Further, the denizen will become resistant to an ego attack used over and 
over. For example, a denizen will become resistant to begging (a charity 
attack), so it is more beneficial to alternate with other charity attacks. 
Once a denizen has won or lost an ego battle, he or she will be exhausted 
and not enter into another one for some period of time. The power of your 
influence skills increases the higher the prestige of the clothing and 
jewelry you wear. The exception to this are the charity influence skills, 
which is more effective with tattered rags than fancy clothes (i.e.,  the 
lower the prestige of your clothing, the better you are at charity 
influence attacks).

Note that the speed at which you execute influence abilities is primarily
determined by your race's charisma level. (See HELP RACES.)