THE KEPHERA RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder Goddess Keph of the Thousand Eyes, the kephera 
race present themselves as insectoid humanoids. Along with the 
illithoid, they are the newest race to have been discovered in 
Lusternia. Before, they were hidden beneath the Basin of Life and their 
sole purpose was devoted to containing the half of Illith that was 
severed in two by Keph. When this half of Illith splintered into the 
race of illithoid, the kephera had no choice but to make themselves 
known to the rest of the Basin. They are matriarchal in nature, and are 
the only race whose females and males have remarkably different 
statistics. Another unique attribute of a kephera is their strong 
exoskeleton, which acts as a natural armour. 

Strength    : 12     Dexterity   : 16     Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10     Charisma    : 11     Size        : 10

Strength    : 11     Dexterity   :  9     Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 15     Charisma    : 14     Size        : 13

  o  Resistance to cutting damage, level 3.
  o  Resistance to blunt damage, level 3.
  o  Resistance to psychic damage, level 2.
  o  MINDSENSE: ability to sense others in local area (level 50).
  o  Native Weapon: Kephera monks who choose the Tahtetso or Shofangi 
     specializations can use those martial arts weapons more effectively 
     than other races.
  o  Hive Mind: This special ability allows female of level 50
     and above to declare themselves a Queen and form hives. Any
     non-queen kephera (male or female) may be part of a kephera
     queen hive. When bonded with a Hive Queen (female kephera
     level 50), everyone in the hive gets extra health and mana
     and ego (extra 50 health/mana/ego per kephera bonded in a
     hive when in the same area as the queen). If the queen dies,
     the hive is broken. All members must stay within the local
  o  Will become a Royal Kephera if Zenobia, the Queen of Queens is alive,
     or they have become an Honoured Companion of the Kephera.

  o  Cannot wear armour.
  o  Are susceptible to poison damage, level 2.
  o  Are susceptible to fire damage, level 1.
  o  Are susceptible to cold damage, level 1.