The school of Tahtetso was founded in 185CE, by virtue of the Queen of 
Queens Zenobia of the Undervault. Their primary weapon known as the 
Tahto staff, is wielded in both hands and each student is taught to use 
it for both attack and protection. The word Tahtetso comes from an 
unknown Kepheran root meaning "to be one with". Servitude to the Light 
plays a key role in the lives of the Tahtetso, but a prevailing tenet is 
to find balance within oneself by embracing Humility, Discipline and 
Sacrifice in the hopes of achieving Lumosis.

The Tahtetso are of the monk archetype. As such, they must first study 
kata before moving on to their mastery form of Tahtetso, or the mastery 
of wielding the Tahto staff. Their secondary skill is Harmony, a gift 
from the Kephera people, allowing them to combine the forces within 
their bodies to work in harmony with the elements around them in the 
form of Mantras. Further, the Tahtetso may choose to take Psionics, 
which further specializes into Psychometabolism, or the art of 
manipulating the energy of the Divine Spark, or Sila, within all mortal 
beings. If not Psionics, a Tahtetso can also choose Acrobatics.

For information on the skill, see HELP TAHTETSO SKILL.