THE TAURIAN RACE - Lusternia Online Help


Descended from the Elder Goddess Tauro, the taurians are probably the 
most naturally aggressive of all the mortal races. They have giant, 
well-muscled bodies with enormous bull heads. While they make superb 
fighters, most military leaders are loathe to rely on taurians in large 
numbers because of their volatile and tempestuous anger, which sometimes 
erupts for almost insignificant reasons. Added to that, when taurians are 
in a group of their own kind, the anger of one can set the rest off and a 
"stampede" of battle-frenzied taurians have been known to decimate their 
own allies. As a result, taurians are discouraged from forming groups in 
multi-racial civilizations and, therefore, tend to find employment as 
individual mercenaries. 

Strength    : 15     Dexterity   : 12     Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 10     Charisma    : 10     Size        : 15

  o  Have racial language, Taurian. 
  o  Have level 1 health regeneration. 
  o  Have level 2 resistance to cutting damage.
  o  Have level 2 resistance to electric damage.
  o  Can enrage self and other taurians upon reaching level 50, increasing
     their strength +2 but chance of involuntarily lashing out at

  o  Have a level 1 susceptiblity to magic.