WHAT IS A GUILD? - Lusternia Online Help


On the most simplistic level, guilds are where one learns the skills and 
specializations based on an archetype. It also provides a social 
organization of like-minded individuals.

In Lusternia, however, guilds are much more than that. They are not 
separate from the city or commune in which they are located; rather, 
guilds should be considered branches of the city's or commune's 
infrastructure, so close is the interrelationship. Each city and commune 
revolves around a nexus of power (unique to each city and commune), and 
guilds both upkeep and use this nexus for the raw power needed to perform 
many of their special feats. Leaving a city or commune cuts off the 
individual from the spiritual ties to that nexus of power, so in a sense 
being a member of a city or commune is more important than being a member 
of a guild.

While guilds are the learning centers where you train for your powerful 
skills and spells, it is also your political part, if you will. The 
ruling council of the city or commune is made up of Guildmasters, and not 
being a member of a guild will disenfranchise you from the political 
process of your city or commune.

You can join a guild either by being inducted by a senior guild member, or by 
the guild's collegium tutor if:
 - you are under level 50;
 - you have not previously been inducted into the guild; and
 - you are not a guild enemy.