Due to the temporal disturbances during the War of the Goloths, a strange impossibility came to pass in the Serenwilde Forest. In a future where the Serenwilde perished and its few survivors sought the aid of the fae, they sacrificed their mortal forms to be reborn as what became known as the Wildewood. Caught in a temporal ripple, one such Wildewood - Wisdom Strongleaf - was drawn to the past, bringing the impossible into reality.

Wisdom Strongleaf, a true wildewood, shared her knowledge of their art with the Hartstone, empowering those who might have become druids - masters of the flora and fauna found in Nature - to forge a deeper bond with the Serenwilde, becoming wildewood themselves, all trace of what they were consigned to the deep dreams of the wildewood they have become. Those who take up this art are one with the wilde, and the wilde one with them, lest the art be forsaken.

Unfortunately, due to the shift in reality that lead to the fact wildewood were never meant to exist in this potentiality, they are themselves sterile, and no pureborn wildewood shall ever grow, nor can any wildewood in this era reproduce.

Strength    : 17     Dexterity   :  9     Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 12     Charisma    : 12     Size        : 18

  o  Resistance to blunt damage, level 2.
  o  Resistance to cold damage, level 1.
  o  Regenerate health, mana and ego while in forest environments, level 3.
  o  Faster herb balance, level 1.
  o  Have a chance to stun on blunt attacks, level 1.
  o  Wildewood trees are able to easily change their PERSPECTIVE between the
     ground and tree elevations, as they are themselves in both places. They
     are also able to perceive anyone entering, leaving and speaking on both
     the ground and tree elevations while on either.
  o  Have access to the BARKTOUCH attack.

  o  Vulnerable to cutting damage, level 2.
  o  Vulnerable to fire damage, level 3.
  o  Vulnerable to electric damage, level 1.
  o  Wake up from slumbering slower, level 3.