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17.8 Bardic and Artisanal Contests

The Artists' Assembly has set out to acclaim creativity and imagination throughout Triagia! With the formation of the Midkemia Artistic League, the Assembly has decided to encourage the fine arts by holding monthly writing and visual arts contests. The winners of each competition will be ascribed rank within one of the two orders of the League, as well as receiving a healthy reward of the currency known as Credits.

As mentioned, two orders are there: the Bardic and the Artisan. The Bardic sponsors the written word contests, and the Artisan puts forth the funds to sponsor the visual arts contests.

               |   Submissions for the Upcoming Contest   |
               |      Must be Turned In for Review By:    |
               |                                          |
               |            September 1st, 2014           |
               |                                          |

Bardic Contest entries must
1 - be original works (literature, history, poetry, or philosophy.)
2 - be in written form. Words only; no recordings. 
3 - be distinctly Midkemian*, within the proper mythology, culture and worldview.

Artistic/Artisanal entries:
1 - completely original artistic works, done by you only. This means no clip art, no stock photos, no pre-fab or pre-drawn models, 3d or otherwise. You didn't make it from scratch, you don't use it in your art!
2 - distinctly Midkemian.
3 - not collages.
4 - cover any Midkemian subject (history, portrait, map, etc.)
5 - black and white, color, 2d, 3d, whatever. 

Completely Original
Every part of your piece must be original to qualify. Clip art is not original, even if you fix it up with Photoshop or some similar tool. Stock photos, pre-fab/pre-drawn 3d models, and the like are also not original.

For artistic pieces, a written explanation may be beneficial.

What if it isn't original? If it's not entirely original work, then the entry is eliminated. You also stand a good chance of experiencing in-game repercussions if plagiarism is detected, up to and including loss of your character.

Distinctly Midkemian
- using the name of something Midkemian (city, race, etc) is not enough.
- creating a work that corresponds in great detail to in-game
  Midkemian descriptions are probably quite enough. 

We ask - "Does this faithfully depict, in a reasonably detailed manner,
         an Midkemian scene (one not likely to be found elsewhere)?" If yes,
         then it's very likely to be distinctly Midkemian.

If the scene could probably have been anywhere, then it's probably not "distinctly Midkemian."

Just any old warrior will probably not make it. Just adding the name of a city or house doesn't make it uniquely Midkemian. Stardock Magicians within the Academy or even acting out Midkemian abilities - this is more likely to be convincing.

More on "Distinctly Midkemian"
This is on a spectrum from
- "totally obviously Midkemian" (top end), to
- "has elements that are likely Midkemian" (somewhere in the middle), to
- "could really be anywhere: nothing especially Midkemian about it" (bottom end).

The lower a piece is on this scale, the lower its desirability.

Things near the bottom will likely be eliminated, even if high quality.
Things near the top will likely win something even with lower quality art.

Everywhere else in the spectrum is a judgment call. "Midkemian-ness" is weighted in there with quality.

If it's a collage, it's probably an eliminator, likely without in-game repercussions.

Entry Submission
All contest entries for the Bardic (written) and Artisanal (visual) contests must be submitted through the online forms available from Your character is assumed to have created the work in-role. This character will be the one to receive any forthcoming reward.

You may submit as many entries as you wish, but know that it is unlikely for the same person to win twice in any field.

The contests will be held once every 6 (RL) months. The closing date for each contest will be midnight GMT on the last day of the announced month (judged according to the time the submission is received). Contest results will be announced after the closing date, usually, but not always, within a week or two of the end of the judging period.

To submit a Bardic work, you must use the online submission page listed earlier ( The system requires you to cut and paste your work into the submission form provided. You can add appropriate formatting after you have pasted into the form, before clicking on 'Submit.' Remember to fill out all the form fields!

And please note - submitting your works for REVIEW is how they go forth to be reviewed. Putting your work in as a draft means it is saved for you to continue to work on and will not necessarily been seen for judging.

How To LOSE with your BARDIC Entry - Guaranteed!
Just copy and paste from Microsoft Word. If you have smart quotes anywhere, then you'll be disqualified instantly!

Just use notepad, wordpad, or any other text editor. Or use Writer from OpenOffice.Org, which is free and comparable to M$ Word.

Or learn how to disable smart quotes in Microsoft Word. Look here: Tools -> Autocorrect Options -> Autoformat As You Type, and then make sure the box is UNchecked that says "Straight Quotes" for "smart quotes".)

Artisanal Submissions
To submit an Artisanal work, you need to use the same submission form. You may submit .jpg, .gif, animated .gif, or Flash formats. The total size of your submission must not exceed 500K.

In either case, submitting an entry is a very serious step. When you submit an entry, you are saying:
- that you were the original creator of the material, and
- that there is no material in your submission that is copyrighted by anyone else.

If you submit material that you didn't create yourself, or that has been copyrighted by someone else, your character or characters will be shrubbed. You may also have BROKEN THE LAW: submitting someone else's copyrighted material (or any intellectual property) may be a violation of US and International law.


There are 3 levels of success in each contest. One winner, up to three creditable runners up, and any number of minor merit awards. A character may only enter once per contest. Success in a Bardic contest brings with it the following rewards:

Winner:    : 4 points and 200 credits
Runners up : 2 points and 100 credits
Merit      : 1 point  and 50 credits

The winning (and runner up) stories will be displayed on the Midkemia website shortly after the prizes have been allocated to the characters who won. 

Each time you hit increments of 4 points in the Bardic or Artisanal contests, you will gain a new rank in that Order, as well as some credits. That is in addition to the credits you get for being the winner, runner-up, or merit contestant (see above).

There are 7 ranks. Your current rank is displayed in your HONORS. The rank titles are as follows:

1 - Storyteller      - 100 credits
2 - Troubadour       - 200 credits
3 - Minstrel         - 300 credits
4 - Maestro          - 400 credits
5 - Laureate         - 500 credits
6 - Master Bard      - 600 credits
7 - High Bard        - 700 credits

1 - Sketcher         - 100 credits
2 - Engraver         - 200 credits
3 - Illustrator      - 300 credits
4 - Sculptor         - 400 credits
5 - Painter          - 500 credits
6 - Artisanal Master - 600 credits
7 - High Master      - 700 credits

Copyright Notice
All submitted works of whatever nature become the sole property of Iron Realms Entertainment, LLC, with all copyright assigned to Iron Realms Entertainment, LLC.

NOTE: The reason for this is that we wish to be eternally free to display winning works on our website. If you still have a problem with this, consider that the only works that will win are ones that have something to do with Midkemia, and you couldn't sell those anyway. We don't mind you also posting the art or stories on your website however.