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18.1 Calendar and Time in Midkemia

The Midkemian calendar has 200 days to a year, divided into 11 months.
Years are recorded as time since the Darkness at Sethanon, when the armies
of the Dark Brotherhood last invaded the Kingdom of the Isles under the
banner of the sorcerer Murmandamus, in what is now called the Great

MONTH           SEASON          DAYS IN MONTH
Banapis         Midsummer         1
Kimia           Late Summer      18
Rodec           Early Autumn     15
Staphron        Autumn           10
Natinica        Late Autumn      12
Wochem          Early Winter     45
Mid-Winter      Midwinter         1
Nuna            Late Winter      11
Agaeis          Spring           37
Yamiev          Late Spring      11
Dzanin          Early Summer     39

In Midkemia, birthdays are always celebrated on Banapis, the festival
of midsummer, regardless of when a person was actually born during
the year. This is a time of great feasting and merriment, especially
among humans. According to custom, social classes are set aside on
this holiday, and the high and low alike come together at the same
table. Banapis is also the celebration of coming of age, and in
the Kingdom the Choosing occurs, where young adolescents are selected
for apprenticeships to a trade in their towns. One may check BIRTHDAYS
to see how many Midkemian days are left until your (and, indeed,
everyone's) birthday.

The DATE command will display the current date, while the TIME command
will give a rough estimate of the time of day. 

Please Note: For those who insist upon dealing in so called 'real world hours' that 1 Midkemian day is equal to 3 'real world' hours. Thusly, many use the term 'week' to express that a full real world day has passed (since eight game days take 24 hours). 


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