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19.16 Digg

Want some free credits for just a couple clicks to the Iron Realms website?

Participation is easy, just follow these steps.

1. Create a Digg account at www.Digg.com and login.
2. Make sure you are logged into the Iron Realms website.
3. Go to www.IronRealms.com/Digg

Presto, you are done and everyone is happy! We will change the article once or twice a week for your enjoyment.

Basically enough Diggs on one of our articles will help get us exposed to new players in new places.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

You can earn a free credit for leaving a comment on the article as well. (The comment goes on the Iron Realms site, NOT the Digg site). Keep in mind that we want a comment that adds to the article. If you are just going to leave pointless comments just to get a credit, we will ban your character from participating.