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97.8 First day project

First Day Project
Building your office!

First step for all Mortal Builders will be setting up your own office within the Staging area. You'll want to follow the instructions within the helps (HELP 97.3.1 will probably be quite helpful) and msg Killian when you've gotten it to your liking.

The offices need to branch off of the room above BUILDERSTAGING, which is MBUILDER1 or 'The hub between several offices'. The offices can link in any direction or unusual manner from there.

At the moment, we'll not have you making objects for these offices, that will be a later step once you've gotten a little practice under your belts. The sky's the limit however with your offices, feel free to make them as fantastical/ooc/silly as you like, just make sure they're grammatically correct and not offensive. You'll be getting one orb-charge to make it, and once it's approved and you're on to bigger projects, more will be added. 

Have fun!