Items & Denizens/NPCs - Midkemia Online Online Help

7 Items & Denizens/NPCs

7.1     Crafting          Designing and creating customized items.
7.2     Designers         Guidelines and instructions for designing new crafts.
7.3     Design Comms      An alphabetized list of comm totals for crafts.
7.3.1   Artistry Comms    A specialized list of comm totals for Artistry crafts.
7.3.2   Brewing Comms     A specialized list of comm totals for Brewing.
7.3.3   Jewelcraft Comms  A specialized list of comm totals for Jewelcrafting.
7.4     Decay             Corpses and items decay over time.
7.5     Crafting Guide    A guide on how to submit designs.
7.6     Consider          Gauge the relative strength of denizens.
7.7     Denizens          Also known as NPCs or Mobs.
7.8     Reputation        Your reputation with denizen villages and groups.
7.9     Clothing          Clothing layers, scabbards and baldrics.
7.10    Liquids           Various liquids, from water to booze to poison.
7.11    Inks&Pigments     The base ingredients for most Artistry skills.
7.12    Flowers           The flowers of Midkemia that can be found in the world.
7.13    Cosmetics         Beauty enhancing items that help express yourself.
7.14    Craftsman Skills  Learn about the division of Crafting in Midkemia.
7.15    Brewing           Get the how-to's on getting plastered!
7.16    Jewelcrafting     The ancient and noble art of bling.
7.16.1  Embellishments    Using the inherent power in gems to enhance weapons.
7.17    Commoditylist     An all-inclusive list of available ingredients.