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1.3 Midkemia Online: Who are we?

There are thousands and thousands of text based games available on the  
internet today, so the question one must pose to themselves is: Why play
Midkemia Online?                                                        

The vast majority of MUDs are based on only a handful of "stock" games  
on released code-bases - DIKU, LP, ABER, SMAUG, COLD, and more. Many of 
them are nearly identical with only superficial differences. They have  
the same classes/professions, same races, same cities, mountains, etc.  
You gain experience the same way, gain power the same way, learn skills 
in the same way, and solve the same quests. Most of their game worlds   
are pieced together with no theme or coherency.                         

We looked at the vast majority of the other text-based games available  
and sought to avoid the mistakes of our predecessors:                   

We operate on the Rapture code base, owned and operated exclusively by  
Iron Realms Entertainment - we are not simply putting a new face on     
another code base. Our world is created from the ground up.             

We are the only (legal) text-based game on the planet that is based on  
the world of Midkemia written by Raymond E. Feist                       

Our back-story doesn't change on our whims - you can buy it yourself at 
the nearest bookstore.                                                  

Very few MUDs are truly multiplayer. They involve teaming up with other 
players to attack a monster, or fighting against the computer for the   
latest quest item (player vs environment, or PVE). There is nothing     
wrong with this, and you will find some of this in Midkemia, but we also
have innovative player vs player initiatives. We are not solely 'another
computer game' - you compete against other players from all over the    

"But, I don't like fighting!"

Who said anything about fighting being the only PvP interaction we have?
Perhaps you want to be a politician, and rise through political circles.
Maybe you want to be a simple farmer, known for his dependable crop.    
Perhaps you aspire to be the greatest swordsman since Prince Arutha     
himself. The point is, because you are not bound by the hard coded      
disadvantages of a graphical MMORPG, and with our free form emote system
and some roleplaying on your part, you can be whatever you want to be.  

"Ok, but what if I really do want to be a great fighter? Fighting IS    
allowed, right?"                                                        

Unlike other MUDs before us, we do not use a 'PK flag'. We believe that 
every action has a consequence and sometimes that consequence is        
violence. Therefore, we do not try to isolate our playerbase into two   
categories - RP and PK. We have taken the successful Iron Realms combat 
system and given it an entirely new twist. Like our Iron Realms         
brethren, we still rely on an action/reaction system. However, because  
of our pledge to make this realm feel as close to the Midkemia described
in Mr. Feist's books, we have taken this combat system to an entirely   
new level.                                                              

HELP 13 will go into more detail on our combat system.

One important side-effect of this focus on player vs. player interaction
is that it can provide for a very intense and emotion-laden environment.
Beating a computer might feel good and being beaten by one doesn't feel 
great, but how much more powerful will those emotions be when your      
opponent is a real person and you're fighting (in whatever form) to     
defend yourself, your city, or your religion against truly capable      

We provide the canvas. You provide the paint.