New Players - Midkemia Online Online Help

2.1 New Players

Welcome to Midkemia Online!

As a new player, you will undoubtedly be confused. Below is a short list of  
files that you should probably read. There are many more useful files you will discover along the way so be sure to question your fellow players for advice.


To read these files, simply type HELP <filename>  (e.g. HELP MUDINTRO)                                                    

For your gameplay-related questions, use the newbie channel

   NEWBIE <your question>

Our official guides (HELP GUIDES) may be available to help you as well.
The sole purpose of Guides is to help you, our new player.

Many of these files refer to other help files which contain further          
information on that subject. Though some of the basic help files are    
listed here, they are by no means the only help files. Typing HELP on   
its own will give you an index to all the help files.                   

There is a help file on nearly every subject that pertains to how to    
play Midkemia. Type HELP on its own to see an index of these files.