Nexus - Midkemia Online Online Help

19.3.1 Nexus

Our NEXUS client is available at:

The five status bars on the bottom left of the Nexus client window are: 
First   (Arrow - Light Blue) bar   - XP/experience (percent to next level) 
Second  (Heart - Red) bar          - Health 
Third   (Person - Yellow) bar      - Endurance 
Fourth  (Syringe - Green) bar      - Adrenaline 
*Fifth  (Water - Blue) bar         - Magic 
        (Purple) bar               - Faith 
        (Gray) bar                 - Guile

*depending on class, magic for magicians, faith for priests and guile for rogues.

In the top left corner of the client is a graphic indicating obvious exits from your current location. The eight cardinal directions are indicated by associated arrows, up/down by the stair graphic on the right, and out/in by the door icon immediately below.

On the left side, below the exits graphic, are two red buttons:

1. Settings (graphic of wheels) Sets up certain things to control the appearance of your Nexus client

2. Reflex Editor (graphic of an arrow and F1 key) Assists with setting up keyboard combinations (keybindings), aliases, and variables.

Resizing the Window

The Nexus Client normally opens in a small, un-resizable window. To open the Nexus Client in a resizable window, press the blue 'maximize' button located in the upper right of the small window beneath the title bar. Do not close the small window while playing as this will disconnect you from Achaea.

Further Information

For more information about the Nexus Client, please refer to