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6.9 The Art of Fishing

People fish for many reasons, from competitive sport, to income, to just relaxation. With a little practice, you too will be a master fisherman, landing those trophy fish with ease! 

- You can increase your skill in Fishing up to an invisible limit each RL
- You will gain 10 bound credits and an increasingly massive amount of XP for
each new skill rank you gain in Fishing.
- At Transcendent, you will gain a special honors line.

This baits your hook with the proper bait. You must be wielding a fishing pole. Remember that there are three sizes of bait, and small bait will most often catch a small fish, while a medium will most likely catch a medium fish, and so on. When a larger fish, or an aggressive, smaller fish, does find a bait that isn't suited to its usual diet, its behavior may change dramatically.

When casting your line, you must stand one room away from the room you're casting into, which must be either a naturally occurring water source. You'll cast a random number of yards here. After you've cast, you just wait for a nibble or  strike. You may specify the distance of your cast with MEDIUM or LONG after direction, but keep the following in mind: A shorter cast is easier to reel in,  finding smaller fish more often, whilst a long cast will attract larger fish,  but the struggle to reel them in will be considerably more taxing by virtue of  distance.
You may also only find certain fish in shallow or deep waters, so remember to vary your cast length if you're looking for a certain breed of fish!

This is done after you've gotten a nibble, or a small or medium strike. The ideal time to tease your line is a bit over 2 seconds after the nibble or strike happens. Your chance of the teasing working decreases the further away from the ideal time you are. Remember that there IS potential value in teasing the line after a small or medium strike, because it increases the chances that jerking the pole will hook the fish.
This action requires balance.

After you have a small, medium, or large strike you may do this. The ideal time to jerk your pole is a bit under 2 seconds after the fish has struck. As with tease line, the further away from this ideal time you are, the less your chance for success will be.
This action requires balance.

You will need to reel the fish in when one has been hooked. Larger fish, typically found in deeper waters, will struggle and slowly drain your endurance, causing longer reels to be a juggling act that only master fisherman can manage.

Best of all, when you catch a fish you'll gain valuable experience! The amount of XP earned is based on the weight of the fish you catch. You will also improve your skill with fishing, based on the difficulty, weight, and rarity of the fish you have caught. Your skill with fishing determines how well you can reel, allowing you to catch larger fish.

If you just don't want to battle a fish anymore, you may cut your line to release it, but you'll lose your bait.

SELL FISH TO <bait shop denizen>
You'll find fishmongers around various parts of Midkemia, and much like  ratcatchers, these denizens will pay for your fish! The most famous of these fishmongers is Herman Pequod, who can be found in the Central Hills.
     SELL SMALLFISH  TO <buyer>
     SELL LARGEFISH  TO <buyer>
     SELL RAREFISH   TO <buyer>
The fishmonger will give you a detailed receipt for the weight and amount of each fish, along with a total, for all types but rare: all rare fish, those that net extra coin, can only be sold with SELL RAREFISH, no matter their size.

You can also simply SELL FISH TO <buyer> if you don't care to differentiate and want to sell all your fish.

1. Each breed of fish has a particular character to it, from cautious to
   interested to aggressive. These just dictate how likely that kind of fish
   is to go for your bait, and how it will react to teasing and jerking.
1a. After a certain period of toying or ignoring a fish, it may become more or 
    less aggressive in its actions and behavior.
1b. You may lose bait from over-aggressive fish!
2. It's possible to fish out a room, but the fish will be replaced
   approximately three times per Midkemian day.
3. Automating the process of fishing, the same as any other activity within
   Midkemia, is against the rules and will result in shrubbing. See HELP
   SHRUBBING if you are unfamiliar.
4. SURVEY will let you know, in a room were fish frequent, if there are no
   fish, a few fish, or more than about ten fish available to catch in that 

Types of Bait
Small  : worm, minnow, sand flea
Medium : shrimp, clam, crab
Large  : mudsucker, octopus

Types of Fish
New fish are being discovered every day, from carp to shark, so keep an eye out for some rare and exotic breeds that'll net you extra coin from the fishmonger!