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6.24 The Midkemia Library System

In the world of Midkemia, books are something of a rare commodity. Expensive and hard to come by, the words inked into them are often treasures in and of themselves, and as such, the Library, and the role of Librarian, are considered a sacred activity. In fact, in the Kingdom, the role of Librarian often evokes images of the Library at Sarth, tended to by adherents of Ishap Himself.

Though some time in coming, the methods of proper library keeping have become available for those willing and able to expend the resources necessary to create and maintain such. Libraries are available to private citizens in their Estates, as well as to cities, guilds, clans and event Holy Sects.

To use a Library, one must first find a library. Once one is within a room designated as such, the LIBRARY command becomes available. Libraries allow books to be checked out, yet safe from harm. Books can only be checked out to a single individual at a time, but are returned within an hour of being taken.

       LIBRARY CATALOG [<category>]
       LIBRARY CHECKOUT <book number>
       LIBRARY RETURN <book>
       LIBRARY DONATE <book>

Librarian Usage:
       LIBRARY APPROVE <book>
       LIBRARY REMOVE <book>
       LIBRARY MOVE <book> <category>
       LIBRARY CATEGORY ADD <category>