The tell command - Midkemia Online Online Help

3.3 The tell command

Tells are a way to communicate with players who are not in 
the room with you or to communicate relatively privately 
with players who are. To speak to someone in this manner,
the syntax is:

TELL <player> <whatever>

For instance:

 Tell Varlendor You smell funny!

Abbreviations OK
You may abbreviate tells by simply typing all or part of the
player's name, followed by what you wish to tell them, assuming
you have used CONFIG NAMETELLS ON. For instance:

  Varl You smell funny

Or, if you don't have CONFIG NAMETELLS ON, then you can abbreviate
this way:

  tell varl you smell funny

Abbreviations Could Mean Trouble
What if you tried TELL Eric Hello, but Erica  got the tell? Whoops!

This can happen, since abbreviations are possible, as noted above.
There is a solution! See the next section.

Forcing an exact match
As a final option, if you use TELL <name> <message>, you may 
specify that the name must match exactly, and that you are 
absolutely not abbreviating. 

To do so - TELL <name>. <message>

For example:

  tell erica This will go to Erica, but not Eric, no matter what!

Get it? Good!

Don't wish to receive tells at all? 
Type TELLSOFF. TELLSON to turn them back on.