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19.17.1 Token Shop Wares

The Emporium of Extraordinary & Magnificent Wonders is located in Port Natal, on the shores of the Bitter Sea. It sells unique and rare wares, trading only in the currency of Ishapian Tokens. (See HELP TOKENS)

Also note: Token items can be traded-in for 2/3 of their value by using the command TRADEIN <token item>.

- ALCOHOL BOTTLES (ale, mead, and whiskey): These bottles will fill themselves with an endless supply of alcohol. Perfect for the serious drinker or those wishing to forget their woes.

- ALTHAFAIN'S LEDGER: Every crafter with too little time and too many bunions will be jealous when you LEDGER CHECK the comm prices in a distant village or idly glance and know the price of iron all across the land. Note: there is a sizable cooldown between uses.

- ASTALON'S GAVEL OF ORDER: It is quite difficult to make proclamations whilst the plebs chatter on about their 'needs' and 'opinions'. RAISE GAVEL will cease the chatter in your immediate vicinity for a short amount of time to allow you to gather your thoughts or make that important announcement.
- BANATH'S SILK THREAD: You can SEW <pack/pouch/bag/satchel> WITH THREAD to magically seal it, ensuring that only you can open or close the container. This consumes the thread.

- BRAND OF DAMNATION: Allows those in a sect to offer their patron the essence from headless corpses.

- CARVED LETTERBOX: This letterbox will periodically fill itself with up to 5 expensive looking letters, much fancier than the usual postal fare. In addition, only you will be able to write on these letters.

- CHALKBOARD SHOP SIGN: Perfect for shopkeepers who wish to advertise  their sales and wares, this shop sign must be placed in a player shop and is editable by the owner only. 

- CHARM OF ISHAPIAN GRACE: This charm allows you to AGESET once to permanently change your age to any starting age allowed by your race and your current age. The charm is consumed in the process.

- CRYSTAL VASES: These beautiful crystal vases will periodically fill themselves with fresh flowers, adding the perfect touch to any estate. Also highly recommended for those prone to forgetting anniversaries.

- DRAGON-ENGRAVED FIREWORKS: This canister of fireworks can be shot (SHOOT) or fired (FIRE) to create  a display of fireworks seen by everyone in the world. Don't get caught in the  blast! The fireworks are consumed when shot.

- DRAGON PIPE: This pipe allows blowing special smoke rings when it is smoked.

- DWARVEN MINING RUNE: You can ATTACH RUNE TO <mining pick> to grant that mining pick the chance to produce two commodities instead of one when mining a resource node. Attaching it consumes the rune.

- ESCAPE CLAWS: Never again be trapped in another's estate with no way out! Usable within estates, simply ESCAPE whilst holding these claws and they'll suck you back to the Estate Entrance area. Only usable once per day. 

- EXPLORER'S COMPASS: Intrepid explorers will find they know so much more about the scope of an area and how much is left to be explored once they purchase this handy compass.

- FIFE OF THE VERMIN KING: Never again bemoan the lack of vermin to slaughter, simply PLAY FIFE and watch as they arrive seemingly from nowhere, filling your location with extra icky harbingers of disease and filth...and coin! Though a lovely sound to them, this item is not useful for bard skills.

- GOBLIN FELLING RUNE: You can ATTACH RUNE TO <lumberjack's ax> to grant that ax the chance to produce two commodities instead of one when chopping a resource node. Attaching it consumes the rune.

- GUIS-WAN'S VIAL OF RED REVELRY: Collect 1 sip of blood each time you take any bleeding damage, up to two hundred and fifty sips can be saved before it will need to be transferred to other containers.

- HERDMASTER'S HORN: With a herdmaster's horn in your inventory, if you use the whistle skill in Riding, your whistle will recall all your loyal mounts and pets from anywhere in Midkemia, rather than only your mounts in the same area. This destroys the horn.

- HERMAN'S BAIT BUCKET: Maybe bit dented and rusty, but this bucket sure knows how to make a fisherman's day! Fills up every new day with a wealth of octopus for your casting and reeling pleasure!

- HORN OF THE WARLORDS: Use to show the world your challenges will be accepted! DEMAND CHALLENGE <person> will call them out in a trumpeting heard round the world. On the issuing of the challenge, that person must accept or decline and be ridiculed by all for such cowardice. When one of you slays the other after the challenge is issued and accepted, the world is made aware of the victory. Glory to the Victors! 

- ISALANI MEDITATION RING: Slip this on your finger and find yourself suddenly able to go twice as long between naps and only half as sleepy when poisoned. 

- KA-HOOLI'S ICON OF DESICCATION: Show all who look upon you that you have rendered the head of some nefarious foe your trophy. PRESERVE <head> and carry their visage on your belt for weeks before the icon fades back to allow for another trophy to be worn. 

- KILLIAN'S COLLAR OF BLESSING: You can ATTACH COLLAR TO <mount> to protect that mount, once, from death. If you have set a home stable, your mount will flee back to its home stable instead of being killed. ***Requires the Escape skill in Riding to function.*** This consumes the collar.

- LICKA'S PUCKER PAINT: A little swipe of this lipstick and your kisses will be the talk of the town... and probably all of the town's significant others. Really leaves your mark in a way no other cosmetics can!

Note: WIPE KISS MARK is the approved method of kiss mark removal.

- LIMS-KRAGMA'S LIFETHREAD: Want the world to know of your valor even when defeated by pesky cultists? Or perhaps how you always lift your soul to Her Halls looking deeply fashionable despite being ravaged by a caribou. This item will allow you to set your own special deathsight that will show to the world when you happen to be killed by a denizen or creature. It is also subject to admin review, so if it has truly terrible grammar or is completely inappropriate, it will be removed and not refunded. Double-check yourself before you wreck yourself with this! The lifethread is consumed upon use and your message will show indefinitely. Type in LIFETHREAD to see the relevant syntax.

- A LUCKY RUTHIA CHARM: Needing the brush of Lady Luck's power for your next sword swing or lightning bolt? TOUCH this CHARM and feel your next hit gain a major chance to critically hit your target, but be aware Her gift will only work a few times per day.

- MANUSCRIPT OF VOICE TRAINING: This manuscript allows you to VOICETRAIN your voice to set an accent that appears whenever you speak. The manuscript is consumed in the process. You can VOICETRAIN CLEAR ACCENT at any time to remove your accent, but this is a permanent change. The accent is subject to Admin review, who may revoke the accent at any time with no reimbursement if it is deemed inappropriate or if the grammar is terrible, so double-check before setting your accent. Using the VOICETRAIN SET command will show you how the accent will look before prompting you to confirm the change.

- NATALESE RANGER SPYGLASS: Be just as aware of what might be slipping in and out of the shadows around you. SPYGLASS SCAN will allow you to see who might be sneaking in and out of your location. Your personal levels of Vigilance and the skill level of the person seeking to evade your notice will impact the detail of what you see when scanning. Be aware that channeling this ability leaves you vulnerable to attacks.

- NORTHLANDS DRINKING MUG: Simply pour your beverage or liquid choice into this mug and it'll stay toasty and perfectly sipable no matter how cold your environment is.

- ORNATE BOOK: This book is permanent and will reset to your inventory.

- PENDANT OF THE AGELESS: Even unworn but on your person, this stunning pendant will hide your age in your HONORS information, rending you as ageless as you wish to look. 

- A SET OF PRAYER BEADS: For those bound to a sect, the need to be directly beside a shrine when blessing someone is no more! Just TOUCH BEADS FOR <blessing> and be the envy of all. Priests may also use these to bless their companions.

- PRANDUR'S GUIDING TORCH: Shine His light and reveal shadowy corners and hidden entries wherever you go. Holding this torch in your inventory will automatically reveal all hidden exits in a room as if they were as clear as daylight.

- QUICKSILVER FISHING POLE: This fishing pole, in addition to resetting to you, allows you to catch fish more easily.

- SCYTHE OF SILBAN: This scythe, when wielded, gives you a chance to find additional herbs when harvesting.

- SHABBY RUBBISH BAG: Need to get rid of some trash but find yourself rather unable to make the required journey? Stuff it in this! With one loud slurp, your offending item will be whisked away to the land that never existed anyhow so who cares where it is! (It's a very long name, we hear they're shortening it soon)

- SHIELD RING OF DALA: Just as the lady Herself would, POINT your RING at <person> and throw up a shield of protection around them. Aggressive actions or movement by your protected person will remove the shield, much like a normal shield tattoo.

- STARDOCK BUTTERKNIFE: Used for ages by the most potent of Stardock's magicians to slice their daily meals, this butter knife can WARPSENSE and WARPSLICE no matter what your training, magician or otherwise. Just be prepared for the wyrm-y consequences!

- SUNG'S SHROUD OF MODESTY: Once worn, no matter how little clothing you wear, you'll never look naked to those who behold your shrouded form. Ever. Again. No really, you cannot remove it. 

- STAFF OF STORMS: Powerful and beautiful, show your wrath and fury with this staff by doing FLOOD HERE. It may take a lot of skill to remain upright in the midst of such a powerful storm. 

- SUPPLICANT'S BLADE: A divinely-blessed blade that lets you OFFER corpses from anywhere in the world to your Patron God. You must be in a Sect to use this blade, and the essence gained is less than normal (though your communion remains unchanged), so visiting a shrine is still preferable.

- TIN OF KESHIAN DELIGHTS: Bring a touch of the exotic decadence of Keshian confectionary legend to your everyday life! This tin generates 5 candies per day, with a limit of 20 per tin. 

- TITH-ONANKA'S WAR-MOUNT ARMOR: Protect your mount from a bit more damage with this armor. Though it will not protect from death or keep a mount from needing to flee, it will add a significant boost to the creature's natural health. Is consumed on attachment, can cause a tendency to nap upon initially ATTACHing the ARMOR TO <mount>.

- TOBACCO POUCH: This pouch fills periodically with tobacco for smoking.

- TOME OF ENLIGHTENMENT: For those brilliant enough to not want a mere skill trainer to drone on about things they already know, this adds a much-welcomed silence to the learning process. Simply holding it will make all learning sessions from denizen/adventurer tutors INSTANT, at a small balance cost. 

- TSURANI WEAVING LOOM: Generates up to 10 bandages per day.

- WEAPONSMITHS ETCHING STONE: Purchase for your local smith and they can etch a special, one-word name for your weapon that allows you to grab it and use it by the given name. The name is subject to Admin review, who may revoke the accent at any time with no reimbursement if it is deemed inappropriate, so choose wisely. Consumed on use.

- WEDDING OFFICIARY CHAIN: Be there to bring the bonds of matrimony to your friends and neighbors without having to rely upon divine sanctioning or an order member.

- WHISPERING BAND: A little eerie perhaps, but the must have item for those who simply have to know whenever their name pops up. Though you'll feel a little shivering signal, no one else will be aware of just how intense your megalomania has gotten.

- WITTILY NAMED COFFEE MUG OF UNENDING PRODUCTIVITY: Behind every person of greatness is an abundance of caffeine. Always hot, always full, this mug is pretty much all one needs in life, just don't drink too much too fast!