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13.9 Troops and War Forts

War has come to Triagia and, with it, comes the option to raise and maneuver armies. Each of the Capital cities (Krondor, Sar-Sargoth and Elvandar) has the option of raising troops to fight in the war.... provided they can pay for the training and supply the troops with equipment and rations.

Each Capital city has a Warmaster that accepts the needed things to train a troop. In order to raise a troop, you will need:

     [ ] 100 weapon/armor points              [ ] 50 gold
     [ ] 100 tailoring points                 [ ] 20 loads of rations

The gold can simply be donated, as can smithed and tailored items. Both smithed and tailored items are split into LOW quality and HIGH quality. Low quality items count as 1 point, while high quality items count as 2 points. It is up to you to discover which is which. (Note: You cannot turn in newbie weapons from the local forge)

Rations are obtained through quests that newbies and low level people (under level 60) can perform. To begin these quests, seek out either Sukie in Krondor, Licka in Sar-Sargoth or Alareni in Elvandar.


The current Warmasters are:

Krondor - Gardan
Sar-Sargoth - Yashar
Elvandar - Verigand

Warmaster commands:

NOTE: Commands marked with * are only usable by the Sheriff/Warlord/Minister of Security and their respective aides

ASK <WARMASTER> WAR STATUS - Displays the current status of donated 
                items/gold/rations of the city. Only members of the 
                city can ask a city's warmaster for the status.

*SAY FORM UNIT (must be with Warmaster's) - This will request the 
                a tally of the supplies and discern if there are 
                enough supplies to form a new squad

*TELL <WARMASTER> CREATE UNIT - After the Warmaster has been requested 
                to tally up the supplies, this command will initiate 
                the creation of a new squad of 100 troops.
     Note: This will -only- work if you have first said the FORM UNIT command.

TELL <WARMASTER> REINFORCE <####> - Requires that the squad is in the
                presence of the Warmaster. This command will replenish
                the number of units in a squad back to 100. Reinforcing
                a squad will require resources, proportional to the 
                amount of soldiers missing, but it also will allow 
                troops to retain their experience and have a bonus to  
                their offenses and defenses.
                Please note: This command MUST be done by the numerical
                designation of the squad AND at the warmaster.


Once a troop is trained, the first priorities are NAMING the troop and setting a troop COMMANDER. Troops can only be commanded by their COMMANDER and their name will be required to interact with them.

Troops may do battle with other troops and interact with forts (see FORTS section). If a troop wins a battle, they will gain experience and eventually rank up. Experience will offer a boost in offense/defense.

Issuing commands to troops will deplete their endurance. Troops with lower endurance receive a malus to offense/defense.

Troop commands:

NOTE: Commands marked with * are only usable by the Sheriff/Warlord/Minister of Security and their respective aides
NOTE: Commands marked with ** are only usable by the troop's commander

*TELL <TROOP> UNITNAME <NAME> - Sets the name of the troop. Please pick    
                  decent and suitable names for your warriors

*TELL <TROOP> COMMANDER <PLAYER> - Sets the commander of the troop to  
                  the specified player. Any player may be set as a 

**SAY <UNITNAME> ATTACK <SQUAD> - Orders the troop that is in the room 
                  with you to attack an enemy squad

**SAY <UNITNAME> MARCH <DIRECTION> - Orders the troop to march in the 
                  given direction 

**SAY <UNITNAME> DESTROY FORT - Orders the troop to destroy the enemy 
                  fort in the current location (see the FORTS section)

**SAY <UNITNAME> BUILD FORT - Orders the troop to build a fort at the 
                  current location (see the FORTS section)


You can't really claim an area without a fort!

Forts are built to signify occupation of an area and to provide troops with a defensive boost if they are stationed in the same room as a fort. Claiming an area will also periodically generate a small number of commodities for your City.

Building a fort requires 500 wood commodities, which must be donated to your City's Warmaster. The number of donated wood shows up when you ASK <WARMASTER> WAR STATUS.

Only troops may build forts and this is a lengthy process. Building a fort will periodically send emotes in the entire area, alerting everyone there that a fort is being built. Expect construction to last up to three hours. In order to build a fort, a suitable outdoor location must be chosen and an enemy fort must not already be present there.

Destroying a fort will nullify a city's occupation in an area (you cannot destroy your own forts). It takes up to half an hour to burn down an enemy fort and, much like for building, periodic emotes will be seen in the area.

Each faction may only have up to 10 forts in the world at any time and the number of forts is visible by using the WAR FORTS commands. If you are a member of a city, you will also see the area in which your city's forts are located.

Mining Teams
Forts slowly conscript and train workers the longer they remain standing, up to a limit. These trained teams of workers can be commissioned to harvest resource nodes on behalf of the city. First locate and appraise a resource node in the same local area with a fort, then COMMISSION WORKERS to hire a team of miners to come harvest the node.

These workers are highly trained, and will be able to harvest many more commodities from the node than an adventurer would be able to, shipping them all immediately to the city. Over time, this will deplete the resources.

These miners can be attacked by enemy cities, but will erect temporary defenses to protect themselves in hopes that their city will send help. These defenses will fade after a few minutes, during which they can be slain. If they survive long enough, they will re-establish their defenses.