What are emotes? - Midkemia Online Online Help

3.6.1 What are emotes?

Emotes are commands used to indicate the performance of an action, or convey
expression of an emotional state. Emotes may be used to show a wide range of
expression from general feelings of happiness to sharp pangs of sadness,
approval or discontent, salutations or even unbridled hate. Emotions will
generally be displayed to all within the same room as you, so be careful what
you emote!
An all inclusive list of possible emotions can be viewed with the command:   


You can preview emotions on that list with:
   SHOWEMOTE <emote>

While adventurers are allowed freedom of expression as they interact with
others about the world, common courtesy dictates that annoying and unwanted
communication be ceased when asked. Repeated annoyances might be construed as

For custom emotes, see HELP EMOTE.