The weak of will

Date: 02/12/2013 at 12:06
From: Kholm D'Saule, Whip of Atrocity
To : Tvistor Wintermourne
Subj: The weak of will

Prodigal son,
It has been some time since you shed the D?Saule name, but here I write
to you as you depart. I have always cared for my family in my own way,
even my firstborn Rayla, after deeds that could never be forgiven. I do
normally support my family in their way of life, be it at my side or
against it. For they are blood and no matter what path they choose, I
enjoy seeing strength from their being be it arts, combat, politics. All
of this has one connection though and it is the strength of will. Yes,
you may have gained martial prowess over time, but you have no will and
for that I am sad to see what you have become.

I remember seeing your mother Anouk wean you as a child, and for a bit,
you grew. However you always seemed to feel scared and lost when there
was not something to feed you or hold you by the hand. I saw you many
times take the easier path and many times forsake the many things I
taught you as a child, in different locations around the world. From the
gardens of Tasur?ke, the tops of Nicator, vhe vale of the gods, and many
different temples. These were lessons of humility, understanding,
devotion. Yet each of these lessons you abandoned to gain your own power
in the quickest of ways. Suffering and Oppression were ways to instill
these lessons on you just as well. For every bit of suffering teaches
beauty through loss.

Not soon after you were free of your mother?s tit, I saw you latch onto
the next form of nourishment that you could, the quickest and easiest
way you could. Despite my warnings against it, despite saying your needs
to keep humility in the positions being thrust upon you, I saw none. You
became self important while neglecting the values that are taught
through years of hardships. Instant gratification is a fickle mistress.
In this time your sense of self-importance became great enough that you
betrayed your own blood for it, casting away the name and finding
yourself higher than from which you came.

Soon after, too soon, this tit was ripped from your mouth as well. You
did not and could not embrace or understand such a thing, and instead I
see that you once again have shed a name that was bestowed upon you. And
once again, instead of choosing to follow anything of what you chose to
preach, or anything that was attempted to be taught to you at a young
age, you have shown how quickly you will seek instant gratification
again. I am sure you will rise to power quickly in your new spot. You
have a quick tongue and a well bound wit about you. You make the right
friends, you talk the right talk. Such is your way to gain power. It has
been contorted, it has been abused, and it has shown that only others
can dictate your actions, but never yourself.

I do not write this as a Mhaldorian. I write it as a Father, ashamed.


Kholm D?Saule

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Miraman, in the year 618 AF.