Final classlead changes - part 1

Date: 7/23/2014 at 12:42
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Final classlead changes - part 1

The remaining classlead changes are now all live! Details are in this and the followup posts.

[3] Soulquench (Necromancy) has been moved back into smithing, turned into a permanent Deathknight-only effect, and its flare chance has been reduced

[3] New Deathknight-only soulbind: Agony; a weapon can have either Soulquench or Agony, not both

[3] Agony affects these abilities: Healing rite, Bliss (Devotion), Siphon (Malignosis), Antibodies (Shadowbinding), Therapeutics (Thespia), Spurn (Wardance)

[31] Blacken (Wyrmriding) now only gives one affliction at a time - first from nausea->dryblood->lethargy that the target doesn't have

[33] Nervewrack (Noctu) now does damage, a bit less than other spells, to ensure that combining it with sensitive Enslavery attacks does not become excessive

[34] Raven and co (Hunting) reworked - it now does damage normally, a bit more damage and epilepsy if surged

[35] Taint gain from Tarot infused spells is no longer halved

[36] Innyo (Voice) requirements and effect changed - it now gives addiction (and impatience with Ta) if the target has either recklessness or 3+ Voice afflictions

[42] Bloodsworn (Devotion) now only has effect if both participants are in the same area; there's no need to reactivate it, the effect is automatically enabled/disabled as you move around

[46] Splintered seeds now last 2 minutes (up from 30 seconds)

[46] Germinate now has a 5 second cooldown

[46] Germinate Hazel (Desecration) damage increased

[46] The goal of the above is to preserve the burst damage aspect of the class, while removing the extremes

[47] Feint (Bladedance, Brutality, Chivalry, Knifeplay, Taekate) now has a 15 second per-target cooldown

[47] Restoration (Survival, etc) can now be targetted at a limb using RESTORE <limb>; when used in this way, it is a 5s channel that cures some limb damage; performing any action or receiving any damage breaks the attempt

[57] Soulstorm (Necromancy) reworked into a comboable attack augmented by Deathaura afflictions

[67] Scourge (Sabotage) duration is now affected by the number of physical afflictions on target: 5s + 1s per aff

[72] New Necromancy Animate form: Ghast, which causes Evileye attacks to do damage scaling with intelligence

[72] Daegger stab (Malignosis) damage increased, and is now affected by intelligence instead of strength

[74] Increased bleeding output of Twist (Evocation)

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Aequitas, in the year 52 AM.