The Strigoi of Demon's Pass

Date: 5/15/2013 at 20:00
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Strigoi of Demon's Pass

Silantor, drawing upon the powers and magicks of Demon's Pass has made himself invulnerable to attack. No mortal can challenge him in his current form. Silantor's armies continue to increase as reinforcements stream from Death's Door and the graveyards scattered about the land.

The generals of his armies, the strigoi appeared in the pass as they burrowed their lairs out of the surrounding mountain rock, high in the pass. The moroi, their lesser minions, work to gather them blood so they may continue their undead existence.

Tobias the prophet has unlocked the key to finding the strigoi. Shou was the first to draw forth one of the strigoi, and Baasche was the first to die to the might of Rinrr, the shade.

Gathering their allies, they fought valiantly and repeatedly against the beast, falling again and again to the shade's mighty blows of its sleek sword.

In the end, however, the forces of the living were successful in killing the first of the discovered strigoi, with Victor laying the beast low with the killing blow. Baasche, Septus, Azefel, Shou, Khizan, Risca, Xeron, and Eathi all participated in the kill.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Vita, in the year 18 AM.