Order Overhaul

Date: 3/29/2012 at 10:35
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Order Overhaul

We have completely overhauled how Holy Orders work, making them into more autonomous organizations that better reflect the lore of Midkemia Online, as well as provide a lot of exciting new options for roleplaying and conflict between Orders.

The most exciting part of this change is that Orders are now player-created organizations!

Any group of players can get together and decide to form a Cult to venerate one of the Gods. You will need at least 5 players committed to joining the Cult to create a successful Cult. Cults are largely powerless organizations, and have no Order powers, no shrines, no access to the Priest tertiary skillset of the Order, and can only gain essence by converting denizens to their God (more on this below). They must develop a philosophy for the worship of their God, as well as gain essence and members. There is a daily upkeep cost for the Cult, and any Cult that loses all its essence or its members will be dissolved.

When they are ready, they can beseech the God to make them into a fully-fledged Sect (what all the current Orders are). If the philosophy of the Cult is deemed appropriate and sufficient, and they have met the other requirements, they will be granted this boon. It is important to note that we are looking for a high standard of roleplay and lore from the Cult, and that the Cult's philosophy is sufficiently distinct from any other Sects. This grants access to normal Order privileges, which can be unlocked by spending essence. Sects still have a daily upkeep, and if all their essence is lost then they will revert into a meager Cult.

We have also introduced a couple of new, really cool features to Order with this change:

- You can non-violently convert mobs to your God, awarding you experience and communion, in a short logic puzzle mini-game. CONVERT will show you how to do this. Be warned that failing will result in XP/communion loss, though not as much as success awards. The Faith skillset has a new skill, Holy Missionary, that grants Priests a minor advantage in this game.

- Offering at shrines, and converting mobs, grants Communion, which appears in your GODFEELINGS. You can BESEECH FAVOR to automatically be granted a divine favor from your Deity, the strength of which is based on your Communion. You no longer need to wait for your God to dole out favors, and each God's awards for offerings are now the same, so there's no inequality between Orders. Gods may still dole out favors/disfavors in the normal course of roleplaying, of course.

- All Sects and Cults are now democratic! Yes, your Cult or Sect may now continue even if your Deity has slipped into inactivity or has decided to hide their presence from mortals for a time. The level of direct influence your Deity may wish to exert over your Sect or Cult is entirely up to that God, but the Order Head is always elected democratically. The Order Head may customize the powers available at any given rank in an Order.

- In a similar vein, while a God may still directly appoint persons to a specific Order rank, rank is now primarily gained and lost by earning the favor or disfavor of other Order members. The strength of the favor or disfavor is dependent upon the Order rank of the person doing the favoring, and costs Communion.

- Orders may now construct their own temples, provided they have enough essence.

Many commands have changed, and please refer to HELP ORDERS, HELP CULTS, HELP SECTS, and HELP COMMUNION for information about these changes.


Penned by my hand on the 45th of Wochem, in the year 29.