Thievery Pickpocketing

Date: 5/14/2012 at 22:31
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Thievery Pickpocketing

This is in an Announce post rather than a patchnote because it affects all players, and normally I would not go into so much mechanical detail, so please read and be aware:

Thievery's Pickpocketing skill has been expanded to allow stealing items as well as coins from other players, to make Thieves legitimate thieves. It has also been mostly re-written functionally, which I will explain below.

In addition, Subtlety's Snoop now works against other players (SNOOP <player>).

Here is how Pickpocketing works, for those who are not Thieves and wish to defend themselves:

- It is now on an invisible telegraph, similar to how backstab works. It is no longer instant.

- It now works in banks.

- The amount of coins sold now has a minimum threshold, which is 10 silver, before it starts to become randomized as to how many coins are stolen.

- Stealing items triggers the theft cooldown, and all the associated mechanics. Stealing coins does not, as has been the case.

- Pickpocketing attempts clear Deepshroud.

- The Thief's chance of success is based on his or her skill in Thievery, modified by 1.) whether the Thief is a Mocker, and 2.) whether the victim is carrying the Thief's Thieves' Mark.

- The victim's chance of detecting the attempt is no longer based on the victim's skill in Vigilance, since this can be punishing to new(er) players who have not learned a lot of Vigilance. Instead, you have a base chance to detect that was equivalent to Transcendent Vigilance before this change.

This base chance is completely negated if you have stupidity. Be aware that Thieves can whisper stupidity to you.

This base chance can be improved (essentially doubled) by having Notice active, which is independent of the effects of stupidity. Be aware that Thieves can strip defenses from you.

Beyond that, a Pickpocketing attempt will always fail if you are selfish. Be aware that, again, Thieves can strip defenses from you.

- The victim always has a chance, increased by Notice, to detect that they have been the victim of a pickpocketing, even if the attempt is successful. If so, they will not know who pickpocketed them, or what was taken, but they will immediately know that it happened.

Hopefully this should provide a fun balance between thievery being meaningful and accessible for Thieves, but also defendable and not too rampant.


Penned by my hand on the 16th of Wochem, in the year 31.