Affliction Details and AB Files

Date: 4/5/2013 at 22:45
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Affliction Details and AB Files

To make the process of learning afflictions easier, we've added in a standardized database of affliction details. If you have a skill that gives an affliction, its AB file will now prompt you to look at AB <skillset> <skill> DETAILS to see the details of any afflictions it gives.

This should provide a lot of information about your own skills and afflictions without having to ask around as to what they actually do.

This is only in place for Fighting and the primary class skillsets right now (e.g., Arcana and Thaumaturgy for Magicians), but it will be rolled out to tertiary skillsets as we have time to flag the skills properly.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Wochem, in the year 44.