High Societies

Date: 4/18/2013 at 20:48
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: High Societies

We are going to try to improve upon player-led RP and player-created organizations, and so we're creating High Societies (is that the clinking of champagne flutes I hear in the background?).


High Societies are basically admin-sanctioned and recognized societies. Admins can secretly join and watch them, and may get involved with the RP of the org, and quests and mobs may be added to the game that reflect the mission of the organization and may even be loyal to it. You can also gain and lose reputation with High Societies.

What is the player responsibility then? Members in High Societies will be expected to be in-character at all times in that society, and we will look to you to promote interesting RP!

High Societies will also be forced to be democratic (to promote the longevity of the society), and cannot be renamed or dissolved except by an Admin. They also cannot be owned by another org, such as a guild or city, since at that point it's just a branch of the already existing org and its RP.

These societies will NOT become guilds or cities, and are not a path along that route. Instead, we want to explore alternate RP outside of existing guilds and cities (and any future ones) that add more depth to Midkemia.


There is a review period beforehand. Your society head will need to send either an email or a letter to Ishap explaining the purpose of the org and why you think it is a good candidate to become a High Society.

If we agree, then you'll become a pre-High Society and we will begin a silent review period where we'll observe the society for the traits we want to see: in-character, good RP, clear background and role that is appropriate for MKO, adds something unique and interesting to the game world, and has active player support.

After a period of review, we'll approve or deny the request, and you'll either become a High Society or not.


This is a test project! It's a response to player desire for more player-created RP. We don't know if it will succeed, though we'll try to help it do so! It all comes down to player involvement, though. We will also limit the initial number of High Societies so we're not overwhelmed (keeping in mind we have other projects and RP going on as well), so depending on the number and quality of applications your society may be asked to wait.

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Dzanin, in the year 44.