First May Auction

Date: 5/4/2013 at 21:41
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: First May Auction

Our first round of Auctions are now open! Type AUCTIONS to see them! There are 8 Credit auctions, and 2 gold-based auctions, and the first two auctions include items that have never been seen before! The auctions will be open only for 1 week, and we'll run another set of auctions when this one ends!

Here are the items for auction:

Trader's Lucky Coin (NEW):
Increases the quality of all commodities you buy or harvest.

Aegis of Drusala (NEW):
When an attack bounces off a magical shield protecting you, you're healed for 5% of your maximum health.

Storage Trunk:
A Storage Trunk prevents items inside it from decaying.

Custom Estate Deed:
Lets you establish an estate anywhere in the world.

Custom Apperanace:
You can design a custom appearance for yourself that replaces the "Ishap is here." standard line.

Charm of Omens:
The Charm allows you to maintain premonition with no endurance cost.

Spying Orb:
When dropped, the spying orb relays everything said in the room to you.

Alchemist's Garden:
The garden, placed in an estate, can be harvested for a random assortment of herbs each day.

Assassin's Unseen Mark (GOLD AUCTION):
Conceals your kills from deathsight.

Tsurani Shield Rune (GOLD AUCTION):
Has a 10% chance to block attacks as if they had been defended.

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Nuna, in the year 45.