Date: 7/31/2014 at 1:21
From: Astalon, the Lawbringer
To : Everyone
Subj: Brewing!

Hey all!

The team here at MKO are proud to finally release the long-awaited Brewing skillset! This skillset will allow those interested to custom design various drinks, whether they be alcoholic or not, as well create custom perfumes and serve as support to other crafting skillsets, such as Artistry.

For those interested in picking up the skillset, all they need to do is find a dwarf named Alen outside Caldara and BUY BREWING LICENSE from him for the cost of 1 gold. Don't forget that you need a still to work your brewing magic and, until cities arrange to have local stills put in, you can find some in Ardania, Silban's Abbey and Lan. Also, keep in mind that one can only learn Brewing up to the skillrank of Virtuoso.

Finally, we are also opening up several new shops where you can buy ingredients for your brews (and later, cooking). You can find these in Crydee, Port Natal, Shamata, Yabon, Hawk's Hollow, and Ardania. Keep in mind, this is fresh produce... it won't last very long! We've added HELP BREWING and HELP BREWING COMMS if you'd like more info!


Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Agaeis, in the year 63.