Theft of the Great Tree seed

Date: 5/4/2012 at 2:22
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Theft of the Great Tree seed

In the depths of the night, Warden Ellisande of the Queen's Guard summoned her fellow Guardsmen and Guardswomen to alert them to a new threat to Elvandar. Phoenix Captain Llandyr Adrir and Lieutenant Iralah Adrir answered her call, and discovered a terrible crime. During the most recent Dark Brotherhood raid into the Elvandar Forest, a thief had slipped into Elvandar itself and stolen a precious Great Tree nut from Velariel, the Master of the Green.

The Great Trees of Elvandar seed as infrequently as do the eledhel themselves, so to call the Great Tree nut precious was an understatement, and its recovery a priority of the highest degree. The Captain and Lieutenant set off into the depths of the Green Heart, galloping on their snowy white elf-steeds in search of the thief and the eledhel scouts who pursued him. They searched throughout the Green Heart, cutting down Dark Brothers and goblins alike, until they uncovered the thief, trying to conceal himself as an ordinary man.

Unconvinced by his disguise, they cut him down.

They discovered, upon one of the scout's examination of his corpse, that he carried the Great Tree nut, but that it had been corrupted. Returning to Elvandar, they consulted the wisdom of the Master of the Green, who was stricken at the news of the corruption. He bid them take the corrupted nut to the legendary Pool of the Stars, secluded in the Glade of Gathered Stars in the eastern Elvandar Forest, reputed to be a font of great magic and purification.

At the Glade, Llandyr and Iralah purified the nut in the Pool, but were beset by the spirit of corruption that rose from the Great Tree nut. Undetered, Iralah struck at the spirit with her warhammer, full of divine fury, and Llandyr called down arcing lightning from the sky and powerful eldritch magics. After a pitched battle, the spirit was defeated, and the purified seed was reclaimed.

The Master of the Green bid the Queen's Guard to call the Spellweavers for aid in planting and nurturing the new seed, and after consulting with the magicians Wselwulf and Trinitie, the seed was planted in Elvandar, and the first Great Tree sapling in many years took root.

Warden Ellisande, ashamed by her failure to protect the seed, resolved to strengthen her training of the Queen's Guard. She revealed her knowledge of the ancient eledhel sword forms known as Swordmastery, and offered to teach the blade forms to any soldiers of the Queen's Guard. Further, she bequeathed her family greatsword, Starfire, to Llandyr and Iralah.

With the Prophetess Iralah at his side, Llandyr Adrir took up Starfire and began training in the arts of the Swordmasters, heralding a new era for Elvandar -- both for the Queen's Guard and the Spellweavers in nurturing and protecting the Great Trees of the forest.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Dzanin, in the year 30.