Of Demons and Djinn

Date: 1/7/2013 at 13:00
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Of Demons and Djinn

Scurrying on his way to yet another lecture, the young man wove blindly down the corridors of the Academy. Reciting the names of historical magicians he needed to recall for his upcoming exam, his lips moved silently, his eyes half closed as he struggled with a particular surname he consistently spelled wrong.

He never saw the face of who or whatever slashed his throat, spilling blood all over his parchment and books.

As he lay upon the marble floor, his limbs growing icy cold and his lips still moving silently, his eyes caught just the briefest glimpse of silk. His heart finally stopped pumping blood across the floor as he exhaled. His last drawn breath was scented with spices.


Mistress Ellisandre rushed down another hallway not a few hours later, her face pinched as she pressed through the crowd of Magicians. It had been a tiring few days. Not a week prior, the Academy's own Loremaster Grudar caused her quite the headache with his fantastical tale of a book-stealing demon from some unknown Circle of Hell. Demonologists, she would never riddle out what possessed them to be so very adventurous.

Her thoughts shattered as she finally elbowed the onlookers aside, pressing Elaisa and Draco with a bit more gusto than she intended. Any plans to apologize were forgotten as she looked down at the boy on the floor. The dead boy.

Slain. Demon. Assassins. Her fellow Magicians whispered and gaped, their eyes wide with fear. Soon though, calmer minds began to piece things together and a new word was whispered nervously. Kesh.


With the blood of his allies dripping from the demon's maw and splatters on his face, Grudar lays prostrate, or rather, as prostrate as a hulking Mountain Troll can get. As the Phase Demon seems to swirl and loom all at once over him, Loremaster Grudar cannot help but question if his request to break into Stardock library's restricted section was really worth the price this creature has come to demand.

As he gasps for the breath to rumble forth his agreement to assist in the demon's desire to return to his own Circle of Reality, with the tome he took from the library no less, Grudar's voice falters as the demon howls into his mind.

"I have taken from your library and still ask for more, but I offer knowledge in return... a way to save your precious Academy of Stars."

Despite his position of groveling, Loremaster Grudar began to see things might not be so terribly dire after all.


Through the sacrifice of a half-dozen small children and their dignity (what proper demonologists and knowledge-seekers do the bidding of demons?), Grudar and his Moredhel allies Tora and Starra began their next task.

Donning of a pair of suspiciously blood-tinged glasses, the Loremaster set out to look for the djinn that had been plaguing the Academy. The demon had explained that these djinn were creatures summoned by Keshian agents or by a creature called an 'Ifrit', though he was suspiciously circumspect on what exactly an Ifrit was. Did it matter? No, djinn were enough to keep Grudar busy.

Swirling in flames as they are vanquished by a bespectacled Loremaster Grudar, the battle to protect Stardock Academy leaves more than a few students slain and many tomes missing from the library in the skirmish. Finally, Mistress Ellisandre gratefully announces she can no longer feel any unusual elemental presences.


As the members of the shadowed Templi Envocare gather, their robes stained with children's blood and many a robe and hand scorched from the battle against the fiery djinn, they solemnly offer the essences of the vanquished Keshian-brought elementals to the Phase Demon.

"This is not the end to your struggles with djinn," the demon seems to howl and whisper into their minds at once.

Grudar and his allies stand firm, watching with stoic expressions upon tired faces as the Phase Demon shudders and slips back into his own reality, followed by their own friend, the warlock Cross. His journey to other worlds and other dangers only just beginning.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Dzanin, in the year 40.